Creating SEO-Friendly Content in 2021

Search engines need to understand your content to present it in a way that’s accessible by your target audience. Therefore, you’ll need to take some steps before you dish out your content for consumption. The experts at Able Media, offer these SEO Services to make your online content SEO-friendly.

SEO Content For Business Growth
SEO Friendly-Content For Business Growth

Start with Keyword Research

Keywords are important because they provide clues about the nature of your content.

Get started with keywords by choosing one or two key terms that reflect your content best. Keyword research also involves:

  • Seeing what keywords your competitors are using
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Using groups of related keywords to answer commonly asked questions specific to your content.

Determine Search Intent

Search intent, a big thing for Google these days, refers to the problem a searcher is trying to solve when he or she is looking for content. Once you define the purpose of your content, you’ll know how to best present it. For instance, you might put together a tutorial or “listicle” if you have informative content. With purchase-intended content, you might include product highlights or a compelling offer.

Optimise Your Titles & Subheads

When you’re creating titles, use H1 tags and write clear, concise titles that describe your content. A meta title should also be created. This is what shows up in the snippet seen on search results pages. Subheads should be equally concise and reflect what’s in each paragraph or section, since most people skim content before actually reading it.

Optimise Your Meta Description

Each page of content needs to have a meta description. These descriptions entice searchers to click and check out your content when they come across it online. You can even add a brief call to action at the end of a meta description if it’s appropriate.

Lastly, make sure your content is readable. Achieve this goal by keeping your paragraphs short and using bullet points or numbered lists to break up the text. Relevant images can be added as well. Also, make sure you have a consistent tone and a clear purpose in each piece of content you present.